Current Projects

In 2011, The Overview Institute reviewed a number of potential projects and selected several that would be most critical to achieving our mission. We were assisted in this effort by consultant and colleague Greg Barr, to whom we owe a great debt of thanks.

These include:

A comprehensive astronaut survey: While members of the Overview Group have already compiled a number of stories from and about astronauts and their experiences of space travel, there remains a need for a comprehensive survey that would yield valid data about the overall nature of the experience.

Cognitive research with NewSpace travelers: Andrew Newberg, a member of the Overview Group and Signatory of the Overview Declaration, is a well-known cognitive researcher who has studied prayer and meditation. He now plans to examine the empirical nature of the Overview Effect by conducting studies of the "new astronauts" who will be flying on private spacecraft, such as those being readied by Virgin Galactic for suborbital hops, in the coming months.

Creating a speaker’s bureau: Members of the Overview Group are available to speak about their work and the Overview Effect. If you are interested in having one of our Signatories speak, either in person or virtually, please contact us.

Monitoring and compiling the term "Overview Effect" and concept usage: We are interested in evaluating how the term "The Overview Effect" and how the concept of the Overview Effect are being used worldwide. As an Overviewer, you can help us with the project. If you see the Overview Effect being used online or elsewhere, please let us know.

Viralizing the Overview Effect: This is another project that will benefit from your participation. If you write an article or blog about the Overview Effect, or if you see material about it that you feel deserves being passed along, please share it with others and let us know about it. The more awareness that we can build about this phenomenon, the better.