Kevin Kelley

Kevin W. Kelley is an artist, entrepreneur and the author of the New York Times best selling book The Home Planet. The Home Planet is a large format book of stunning photographs of Earth taken from Space, accompanied by quotations from astronauts and cosmonauts, reflecting on the profound effect of experiencing Earth from the perspective of space. Over 600,000 copies of the book were printed and distributed worldwide in 11 languages, and it remains the largest co-publishing venture between American and Russian publishers. 

Kevin is currently producing World Perspectives a powerful new way of visualizing and understanding our place in Space, Deep Time and Evolution. Kevin’s work can be found on his website, including lovely galleries of the most beautiful images of the Earth by humans from space an deep space imagery.

The Overview Effect and overcoming world challenges

Written by Kevin Kelley on Friday, 23 June 0209. Posted in Overview Effect

Expanded world perspectives of our place within existence, the cosmos and evolution are essential if humanity is to have the vision and discernment to address and meet the growing challenges to our sustainable future and a thriving planet. The ability to see and comprehend the Earth from the perspective of space is an essential element of this understanding.