Loretta Whitesides

Loretta Hidlago Whitesides has degrees in biology from Caltech and Stanford and has traveled 2 miles down to the bottom of the ocean with director James Cameron to film the 3D IMAX movie Aliens of the Deep. Loretta floats weightless as crew for ZERO-G's 727 aircraft, blogs daily about space exploration for Wired Science and leads workshops on Launching Your Career in Space for undergrads.

Loretta and her husband George are the co-creators of Yuri's Night, the annual worldwide space party celebrated every April 12th. They also have tickets for the first ever space honeymoon on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo. A leader and pioneer in the Space Generation community, Loretta is passionate about bringing together people who want to use space to make a difference for the planet.

An explanation of the promise of space

Written by Loretta Whitesides on Wednesday, 24 June 2009. Posted in Overview Institute, Cognitive Science

When I first came upon Frank's book in the school library in the early 1990's I felt like someone had finally put to words the part of space that I was most excited about. I read it cover to cover and took it up as an explanation of the huge promise of space, its ability to transform our current level of thinking from the level of nation states to the level of planets. I am still inspired about it to this day.