Rick Tumlinson

Rick Tumlinson is known as one of the people who began the NewSpace revolution. He was a founder of the Space Frontier Foundation. He led the team that leased the Russian Mir space station for a year as the world's first commercial space facility, and signed up the first so called "space tourist" Dennis Tito (which started the commercial space travel industry).

Rick was a founding trustee of the X-Prize, the Chief Executive of the $25 million FINDS space research endowment, and LunaCorp – which produced the first commercial to be shot in space (aboard the ISS). Rick has two major new space projects underway: Orbital Outfitters – a space suit leasing firm which recently unveiled the world’s first commercial space suit, and Project: SpaceDiver, featured as a cover story on Popular Science, whose goal is to bring humans back from space without spacecraft in emergencies while creating the most extreme sport in human history – "SpaceDiving".