The Overview Effect will change the World

Written by David Beaver on Thursday, 21 May 2009. Posted in Overview Effect

The mass experience of The Overview Effect of space travel, seeing the reality of the Earth in space, will eventually be seen as a major driver of one of the greatest shifts in world awareness in the Modern World, equivalent or greater than the Copernican Revolution or the discovery of the New World. Whether by direct experience or sophisticated simulation and artistic representation, this experience will forever alter the life we think we are living and world we think we are in.

About the Author

David is the founder of The World Space Center, a not-for-profit working group that produced the first national conference on the Overview Effect. He played a key role in formulating The Overview Declaration, which has been signed by 22 leaders in the areas of space, cognitive science and simulation media. David spends most of his time in Overview research and contributes significantly to The Overview Institute, which is the primary group in the space industry focused on examining, researching, and educating about the psychological and sociological impact of space flight.

David has a diverse background. He studied nuclear engineering and physics at The University of Virginia and the psychology and sociology of perception and the philosophy of science at The University of Richmond. He has received three US and international patents for the invention of The Magic Stage, a virtual reality theater technology. In addition, he has created a new theory of stage magic, called Projection Theory, based on modern cognitive perception science rather than the traditional magic theories of deception and misdirection. He has written and lectured on Projection Theory’s relationship to design, perception, art, film, virtual reality and other fields at six major universities, including recent seminars at the Duke University Center for Cognitive Neuroscience.

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