A message of world peace through simulation media

Written by Dan Curry on Tuesday, 23 June 2009. Posted in Overview Institute, Overview Effect

Simulation has been a part of the human experience since our remote ancestors painted on the walls of caves to share the excitement of the hunt with those who could not be there.

Over the millennia our tools of expression have evolved to a level of sophistication that the term "virtual reality" is no longer hyperbole. Current technology allows us to communicate with the mass of humanity to share the Overview Effect.

This is especially important as a means to get people to understand how unique and precious our world is. Earth seen from space has no borders and no discernable countries.

Our terrestrial squabbles seem petty indeed in light of the vastness of the universe. The Institute's mission to promote greater space awareness can be an important factor in spreading world peace and helping humanity find its future among the stars.

About the Author

Dan Curry is a visionary artist/filmmaker and 7-time Emmy winner. He is best known for his work as Visual Effects Supervisor/Producer for the various reincarnations of Star Trek. His work in visual effects and title design has appeared in over 100 feature films, 40 television productions, special venue projects, and interactive games.

Dan is current Governor of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Visual Effects Peer Group. His background also includes teaching Fine Arts and Theater on the university level and doing freelance film, art, architecture, and production design. Dan holds a BA in Fine Arts with a minor in Theater, and an MFA in Film and Theater. Dan is a member of the Directors Guild of America, The American Society of Cinematographers, The Producers Guild of America, The Visual Effects Society, and is a founding member of the International CG Society.

He currently works as visual effects supervisor on the television series Chuck.

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